Malawi is endowed with spectacular natural resources ideal for tourism. Malawi is a new tourism market for many foreign visitors. Many people around the world are now more interested in Malawi. With Malawi’s rising economic development, global interest to visit Malawi’s unique features will only continue to grow.


Nature and Natural Beauty

Lake Malawi

The most distinctive and outstanding feature of Malawi is its lake. It is ideal for deep relaxation, natural beauty, and a variety of engaging water sports and activities. Lake Malawi has the best combination fresh water and fresh air that relaxes and refreshes visitors. The Lake has the largest number of cichlids fish in the world, estimated to be over 500.


Nyika National Park: At 3250 sq km, this is the largest Park in Malawi. You will enjoy discovering over 200 types of wild orchid plants that flower during the rainy season. Nyika is good for trekking mountain biking, horse riding. Game include browsers such as antelope, duiker, eland, zebra and roan. Carnivores include hyena, and leopard. There are over 400 species of birds in the park for bird watchers.


Kasungu National Park: It has 2000 sq km with large herds of elephants. Animal stocks in this park had been affected by poaching, but the problem has been arrested and the Government has embarked on restocking.


Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve: It has 300 species of birds. Animals found here include elephants, hippos, baboons and lions.


Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve: This is a 1800sq km park where nature has flourished without and human interruption. Nkhotakota has lion, zebra, and elephant. The Malawi Government has decided to open this place for tourism. Opportunities are available for investors who have a passion for wild life to invest in eco-friendly facilities in the reserve.


Lengwe National Park: Water holes in Park render themselves ideal for game viewing. 


Liwonde National Park: This has the highest concentration of animals. Here there are a lot of elephants, hippos and antelope. Birdlife is also very significant.


Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve: Within this Reserve, there is a marsh called the Elephant Marsh. Birdlife is also significant.


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Welcome to Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa!